Every time you create a natural and luxurious home ambience with the CandleXchange ‘Return & Swap’ range, you’re stopping up to 1kg of non-recyclable containers from entering landfill.

With your help, we plan to prevent 1 million containers and 100 tonnes of packaging waste from entering landfill by 2030.

Soy wax is more sustainably produced

Soy wax is made from soy beans, which are a renewable crop, and the by-product soy bean husks are biodegradable.

Paraffin wax is a by-product of the oil industry, which is not renewable and energy intensive to produce.

That makes soy wax a big win for the environment!

Soy wax doesn’t emit any nasty chemicals

Being made from mechanically pressed soy beans means it’s natural and organic. That means it typically burns with less soot, and doesn’t emit any nasty chemicals compared to paraffin wax.

Paraffin wax, being a by-product of oil is known to emit a collection of toxins, including toluene and benzene which are known carcinogens.

That’s a big win for the health of your home environment, particularly if you burn candles often.

Better value from a longer burn

Soy wax is actually denser than paraffin wax and burns cooler. That means a soy wax candle will typically burn for longer. In fact, soy wax has been shown to burn 30-50% longer than paraffin wax.

Longer burning times means better value for money – which is a big win for your hip pocket!

We care about packaging waste too

We don’t just think about product waste but everything that is wrapped around it. 40% of landfill is actually from packaging alone, so we use packaging that can be re-used, recycled or compostable.

Boxes replaced with reusable bags

When you buy your first CandleXchange candle, the candle comes in a reusable pouch that is ethically handmade from plants by social enterprise Earth Worthy.

These bags are made by people in Bangladesh who survived a garment factory collapse in 2013. They cannot work in large scale factories due to injury or trauma. Earthworthy provide a safe and happy workplace where their skills are valued.

When you swap your candle, we ask you do so in this pouch or another protective bag of your own.

Paperless collateral

We have transitioned most of our collateral to online to make it easy to access when you need it and less to recycle!

Simply scan the QR code on your candle lid to access all the information you need to burn, clean and swap your candle.

Locally made

We are proud to source many of our materials from Australian companies and hand pour all candles in our home town of Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

We pack your orders plastic free

Delivery boxes are reused where possible and protective material is reused, or a combination of biodegradable bubble wrap and kraft hex paper.

We proudly use The Better Packaging Co biodegradable postage bags for non-breakable items which contain no toxic residues & are completely compostable. 

Plastic Pollution Solutions

Find us on I’M PLASTIC FREE a digital platform connecting individuals & businesses to plastic pollution solutions  – It offers the easiest, fastest way to find solutions to plastic pollution.

Whether you are an individual or a business, at I’M PLASTIC FREE you can find new and creative ways to reduce plastic waste, swap plastic for other eco-friendly materials, keep informed of changes and developments in the industry, and connect with not-for-profits or other innovative businesses who are making a difference.

Carbon neutral shipping

Our courier partners offset carbon emissions for every delivery.

Extending the life of other brand candles

If you have unwanted empty candle containers from other brands are cluttering your home, don’t send them to landfill! Simply send them to us and we’ll refill them and donate them to the survivors of domestic violence, as part of our UpCandle program.