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The easy way to swap and go with your candles

Gift box sitting on coffee table next to vase of flowers
The perfect gift for all occasions
CandleXchange - 460g Australian Bush Glass Candle
A colour and style to suit every room

Shop our favourites

  • Glass Candles

    Jasmine & Mint 460g Glass Candle

    $49.95 incl. GST
  • Glass Candles

    Coconut & Lime 460g Glass Candle

    $49.95 incl. GST
  • Gift Pack

    Lavender & Rosemary Relaxation Gift Pack

    $59.95 incl. GST Add to cart
  • Glass Candles

    Lemongrass 2L Glass Candle

    $109.95 incl. GST

How CandleXchange works

Purchase your hand poured candle in store or online

Relax & enjoy your candle knowing you are not contributing to landfill

When your candle is finished, simply head online or in-store to exchange for a new one for the cost of a refill

CandleXchange reuse your container to make more candles

Experience our fragrances

Taking you on a journey from your own space to the French countryside, on a tropical vacation or back to a reminiscing a fond memory from a familiar scent.