Return & Swap and your next fragrance is 30% cheaper


For every Pear & Guava candle sold, we're donating $10 to the Gidget Foundation - supporting the emotional wellbeing of expectant and new parents

Indulge in hand-poured natural soy candles and fragrances, inspired by the beauty of Australian nature, while embracing sustainability through the use of natural materials and container reuse

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Making the luxury of home fragrances more affordable, zero landfill and accessible for everyone.

The bulk of 4 million candles sold each year in Australia, come in single-use containers that cannot be recycled.

Every time you ‘Return & Swap’ your candle with CandleXchange, you’re saving on average 1kg of glass (and packaging) from ending up in landfill as well as 30% off your next purchase!

How Return & Swap Works

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Pre loved candles lighting up a new home for survivors of domestic violence

Cupboards full of used candle containers? Why not donate for good?

We welcome you to donate your old candle containers.

We will refill and donate to organisations supporting survivors of domestic violence, when setting up a new home.

We ask that only good quality candle containers are donated to ensure we can provide a gift you would be happy to receive.

Learn How to Donate Your Empty Containers

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