Jasmine & Mint 460g Glass Candle

$49.95 incl. GST

Buy as a new candle or exchange your used container for a replacement.


You will be refunded $20 when we receive your returned 460g CandleXchange glass container.

This unique scent will transport you to a beautiful French country field. The fresh notes of wild mint adds a dash of eccentricity to an exuberant bouquet of jasmine, lily, orange flower and rose. Buy as a new candle or exchange your used container for a replacement.

Top Notes

Wild Mint, Orange Flower

Middle Notes

White Jasmine, Lily, Rose

Base Notes

Light Musk, Iris

Made from all natural ingredients

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Our natural soy candles are hand poured using fragrances inspired by Australian nature.

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We use pure soy wax and cotton wicks to create an even, clean, and safe burn.

We use high quality pre-tabbed wicks that are zinc and lead free and acid resistant. Constructed of a cotton flat braid, with paper fibres throughout.

To ensure the longevity and a quality burn of your candle, we suggest you burn your candle for at least 1.5hrs the first time and at least 1 hour ongoing.

2 reviews for Jasmine & Mint 460g Glass Candle

  1. Felicity Stevens

    Fantastic service and so happy to find a friendly easy to use solution and be able to reuse my existing candle jars. Beautiful fragrances, quick easy, service, and a great way to be able to REUSE again and again and again. Such a great business on so many levels. Well done I look forward to more refills with you.

  2. Maja Paleka

    What an awesome idea! As someone who can’t stop buying candles cause, you know, hygge, but hates all the empty containers once the candles are done this is my heaven. Guilt free way to continue to enjoy them.
    So far Jasmine and Mint will is my favourite but am looking to trying the Coconut and Lime, as well as Australian Bush.
    Thank you for making this happen!

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