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Pre loved candles lighting up a new home for survivors of domestic violence

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Cupboards full of used candle containers? Why not donate for good?

We welcome you to donate your old candle containers.

We will refill and donate to organisations supporting survivors of domestic violence, when setting up a new home.

We ask that only good quality candle containers are donated to ensure we can provide a gift you would be happy to receive.

Frequently asked questions

We accept any used candle containers (glass or ceramic) that are in good condition and can be refilled to create a gift you would be happy to receive. Not stains or chipped containers please.

There is no limit to the number of containers you donate, as long as they are in good shape.

We would prefer you remove all wax and labels from your used containers.

To clean your container, simply use hot water and wipe out the remaining wax. Or place in the freezer for 20 minutes, the wax will pop out. Please dispose wax in the bin, not down the drain. A wash in warm soupy water or in the dishwasher should finish the job.

We accept donations at Shop 47, 197-215 Condamine Street, Balgowlah. Other drop off options can be made by emailing

Due to storage limitations, we may limit donations at different times of year. If in doubt, just email us at

Empty candle containers in open cupboard above bench with plants