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We care about packaging waste too

We don’t just think about product waste but everything that is wrapped around it. 40% of landfill is actually from packaging alone, so we use packaging that can be re-used, recycled or compostable.

Boxes to be replaced by reusable pouches

In coming months, when you buy your first CandleXchange candle, the candle will come in a reusable pouch that is ethically handmade from plants by social enterprise Earth Worthy

These bags are made by people in Bangladesh who survived a garment factory collapse in 2013. They cannot work in large scale factories due to injury or trauma. Earthworthy provide a safe and happy workplace where their skills are valued. When you exchange your candle, we ask you do so in this pouch or another protective bag of your own.

Paperless collateral

We have transitioned all collateral to online, making it paperless and easy to access when you need it. Simply scan the QR code on your candle lid to access all the information you need to burn, clean and exchange your candle

We pack your orders plastic free

Delivery boxes are reused where possible and protective material is reused, or a combination of biodegradable bubble wrap and kraft hex paper.

We proudly use The Better Packaging Co biodegradable postage bags for non-breakable items which contain no toxic residues & are completely compostable. 

Carbon neutral shipping

To support a sustainable future, we partner with the Carbon Neutral Group, to reduce our climate impact to zero. We do this by offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions for every delivery.