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How CandleXchange works

Purchase your hand poured candle in store or online

Relax & enjoy your candle knowing you are not contributing to landfill

When your candle is finished, simply head online or in-store to exchange for a new one for the cost of a refill

CandleXchange reuse your container to make more candles

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How our pricing works

Candle Type & Size
New Candle Purchase Price
Exchange Candle Price
320g Glass Soy Candle
460g Glass Soy Candle
2L Glass Soy Candle
800g Ceramic Soy Candle

Select NEW when buying your first candle

Select EXCHANGE when you are swapping your used candle for new.

  • CandleXchange will send you a new candle.
  • You can then use the packaging to return your used candle container for reuse.
  • Simply email when you are ready for courier pick up and we will send you a courier label to attach to the box.

You will be charged a NEW price, but we will refund the difference between a NEW and EXCHANGE on return of your used candle container.